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MOAACC Holiday Giving Season


The Holidays are a special time of giving.  Due to COVID-19 we need your help this year to help with the chapter’s great work furthering the education of veterans’ children, and supporting local ROTC/JROTC programs, military, veterans and their families. 

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act or CARES Act made a number of changes to the federal income tax law for 2020, creating incentives for charitable giving.  The law created a $300 “above the line” charitable tax deduction for 2020.  For those who itemize, the law increased the limit of charitable deductions to 100% of an individual’s Adjusted Gross Income.  We encourage you to consult your tax and financial planners, and if your financial situation allows it, please include MOAACC in your charitable giving plans.  MOAACC’s 501(c)(3) qualified charitable organizations are run by volunteers and your money is maximized toward giving to those we serve—nearly 100% of your donation goes to the intended recipients. 

Throughout the month of December, we will highlight Charitable Holiday Giving for our 501(c)(3) corporations.  You will see information prominently featured on our website and Facebook page and in our Five Things e-Newsletter.  We will also send out one Campaign e-Email to all our members during Christmas Week as a reminder.  In those, there will be links to allow you to securely donate through our website:  You can direct your donation to either our Good Deeds Foundation or Scholarship Corporation.  If you feel more comfortable using the mail, send checks to:

MOAACC Scholarship Fund

PO Box 254708

Patrick AFB, FL  32925-4708

MOAACC Good Deeds Foundation

PO Box 560023

Rockledge, FL  32956-0023

In the past, our chapter members have generously supported our charitable giving programs.  We need your help, especially this year--Please include MOAACC in your 2020 charitable contributions. 

If you have already given to our Good Deeds Foundation or Scholarship Corporation, THANK YOU!

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