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New MOAACC President's Perspective - COL Steve Bond, USA (Ret)


It is a privilege and an honor for me to serve this Chapter.   I have been a MOAA member for over 20 years now, and I was always impressed and grateful for what MOAA did on behalf of the military and veterans.  When I joined MOAA, I felt fortunate that someone—in this case MOAA National--was looking out for me, the military, and veterans.  I will admit I was a “passive member” but identified with the concept of “Never Stop Serving”.  I always believed that my service was not going to end when I took off my uniform. 

Fast forward to the present.  Two years and eight months ago I walked into one of our TMBC meetings in the Indian River Colony Club.  I was struck by the magnitude of what this organization does to support our community and chapter members.  What an eye-opener!  It was evident to me that we are a driving force for the military and veterans living in Brevard County.  Little did I know then, that just over two and half years later I would be the President of the Chapter!

I have watched this Chapter grow and do even greater things over the past two years--even despite the pandemic!  The Chapter continues doing very well with over 1200 members and is by far the most active of any MOAA Chapter or other veteran/service organization I have seen. 

Over the next year, my goal is for this Chapter to do even more as the premier veterans’ organization in Brevard County and a model chapter for MOAA.  We will continue the important work for the military, veterans, their families, and students in our community and across the nation.  To do that, we will need to expand our membership, continue to take care of our members, and do even more for those we serve.  A major event over the next year will be getting us back with our in-person meetings, luncheons, and events that we put on hold because of the pandemic. 

I am grateful for all our volunteers and members.  It is through your efforts, contributions, and volunteer hours, joined with our Scholarship Corporation and Good Deeds Foundation, that fuel the MOAACC ‘engine’.  I ask all our members for your support and commitment to our motto of “Never Stop Serving”.  We need all of you to do your part to accomplish this important task.  Together, we will make this Chapter better, even a stronger, and a more powerful force in our community and all MOAA, now and into the future.

I am looking forward to the challenges ahead and to serve as your President.

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