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MOAACC Legislative Affairs


COL Steve Bond, USA-Ret (National) / MAJ Tim Pishdad, USA-Ret (State & Local)
Legislative Affairs Committee Co-Chairs

Our chapter’s core mission is to serve ALL the Veterans, Military (Active, Reserve, National Guard) and their families in the area and across the nation.  We advocate on their behalf by working hand-in-hand with MOAA National to ensure our lawmakers are aware of their issues and interests.  When issues do arise, it requires ACTION on our part, as it usually means a run at our earned benefits.  This is “front and center” for what we do as a chapter.

If you noticed, we have a change of leadership in this key mission area.  RADM Wayne Justice stepped down in December as the Committee Chair—We thank Wayne for his efforts.  Wayne was nominated last year for the Colonel Steve Strobridge Legislative Chair Liaison Excellence Award--MOAA Nationals highest Legislative Achievement Recognition.  He was a runner-up for this prestigious award and was recognized by Lt Gen Adkins, MOAA’s CEO for the great work the chapter does with this important task.  Moving forward, we have split up the Committee Chair responsibilities between Steve and Tim as our legislative co-chairs on a temporary basis, but be assured, there will not be a missed beat in our advocacy efforts.  With the change of committee leadership, this is a good time to remind our members of their important responsibilities we undertake in this key mission area.  By the way, we are looking for a permanent Legislative Affairs Chairman, so if interested, let us know! 

It is said, “All politics is Local” and that is so true.  As Committee Chairs, we will continue to keep Chapter members informed of National, State, and Local initiatives and issues impacting the military, veterans, and our family members.  One of the most important aspect of being chapter members is not only to be informed, but to TAKE ACTION when needed.  We now have an array of communication means to reach out to members in a timely fashion to keep them informed--from this publication, our bi-weekly Five Things e-Newsletter, our website (, to our weekly TMBC business meetings.  MOAA National also has current information posted on their website ( and pushes timely information to members in their Thursday e-Newsletter—if you are not signed up for that, we highly recommend you do.  As the chapter’s leads, we will work with MOAA National and Florida Council of Chapters to ensure we are synchronized and leveraging their support as we engage with our lawmakers and to keep you informed.   

Legislative Advocacy is not a spectator sport—if our collective voices are not heard, you will lose your EARNED BENEFITS to ill-informed legislative decisions.  You are all on the chapter’s Legislative Advocacy Committee and we form part of the backbone of MOAA’s legislative advocacy efforts.  Stay aware of the issues.  Whether we are working to engage lawmakers in Washington DC, Tallahassee, or here in Brevard County, we need you to help make our voices heard, and heard LOUDLYThere is strength in numbers.   Also, as you interact with family, friends, and neighbors, make sure they too are informed of the issues facing the military, veterans, and their families. 

Be informed, stay engaged and most important, TAKE ACTION when we need to make our voices heard.  That is one of the primary reasons for our being a Chapter.  Visit our Legislative Affairs page on our website for more information and to keep up to date.

To stay informed and TAKE ACTION bookmark these pages: and

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