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Investing in Our Future! By LTC Ken Harris


Investing in Our Future!

By LTC Ken Harris

For more than a decade, I have had the pleasure of helping young leaders find their place in the military.  For some, it has been enlisting to learn a trade and afford education in the future.  For others, it was the fulfillment of a dream to serve and grow through a military career.  I personally chose to enlist and then become an officer and have found great satisfaction in all the opportunities that I found along the way.  Since I started working with Army ROTC at FAU in Boca Raton in 2005, I have watched the available opportunities continually increase.

Today’s youth face significant challenges in paying for school as costs continue to rise, and student loan debt remains on the headlines year after year.  Fortunately, for those fit and willing to serve, the military invests deliberately in educating its work force.  Not only do we feature an All Volunteer Service that is highly respected around the world, but we also have well-educated and well-trained professionals at every rank.  The American Council on Education recognizes and awards college credit for every specialty in the military.

In the few weeks alone, I have met with experts and attended events that have showcased the incredible opportunities available now.  Of course the recent MOAACC luncheon recognized 26 recipients from Brevard County headed for Academies, ROTC or military preparatory schools.  In a recent meeting with the Army National Guard the discussion included the Educational Dollars for Duty, Student Loan Repayment & Federal Tuition Assistance that can be used to fund education at both state and private schools.  Army ROTC will open the next High School Scholarship Program campaign on June 12th for rising Seniors mirrored by each of the Services.  Even this year’s seniors can still compete for Minuteman Scholarships through the Army National Guard & Army Reserve.

Today’s youth can compete and qualify for one of these “big checks” and be pleasantly surprised to receive well over $100,000 in tuition and benefits from any of the Services.  Find the information now on the internet (Army ROTC is

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