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Nominations for 2022 MOAACC Officers and Board of Directors (Approved 16 Nov 21 at the MOAACC Annual Membership Business Meeting)



MOAACC Slate of Nominees for 2022 Leadership

Submitted by LTC Harry “Skip” Taylor, USA, Ret.

Chairperson, Nominating Committee


The 2021 MOAACC nominating committee is pleased to present an outstanding slate of nominees to lead our 5-Star Cape Canaveral Chapter for 2022. These candidates are offered in nomination to the General Membership for election during the Annual Business Meeting at the luncheon on Tuesday, November 16, 2021.


President: CDR Kenneth Lowe, USNR Ret.
1st Vice President: Lt Col Brian R. Whalen, USAF Ret.
2nd Vice President:  CDR William “Bill” Cox, USNR, Ret.
Secretary:  CAPT Arnold Lim, USNR, Ret
Assistant Secretary: Capt. William B. Muckler, USMC, Fmr
Treasurer: COL Michael Schroeder, USA Ret
Assistant Treasurer: LTC William “Bill” Vanasse, USA Ret
Master-at-Arms: VACANT
Assistant Master-at-Arms: VACANT



Term expires Jan 2023:

            PP COL Stephen Bond, USA, Ret.

            Col Mike Gautreauz, USMC, Ret.

            Capt. Larry Jackson, USAF, Former

            Lt Col Joseph Tichich, USAF, Ret.

Term Expires Jan 2024:

            CAPT Rita Shapiro, USPHS, Ret

            LCDR Daniel Levy, USN, Former

            Col.  Richard Kniseley, USAF, Ret


Chaplains who were previously appointed by Chapter Presidents:

Lt Col Tom Unrath, USAF Ret.
MAJ William Adams, USAR Ret.
MAJ William Otis, USA Ret.


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