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A Brief History of Our Chapters Dues by Larry Jackson


As we consider whether or not to raise our chapter’s annual dues, I thought it might be helpful to recount how much and when we  previously raised our dues.  Here is a brief history and a table showing a time line of those raises. Please note that we only have records back to 1985.

         The most glaring fact from the chronology is that we have not raised our dues since 2008, a 14 year period (if we raise dues in 2022) . The cost of living has increased by 28.7% during those 14 years.  This helps to explain why our current dues do not cover our annual expenditures and we are facing shortfalls in the future.  This is the longest period without a dues increase in our history that we have records for.

       Since 1985 we have raised our dues on average every 3.6 years, with the average annual increase of $.65.  If we apply that average annual increase to the last 14 years, our dues would currently be $29 per year.

       Over a period of 3 years we doubled our dues: $3.00 in 1982 to $6.00 in 1985.   We doubled our dues again over a 9 year period: $6 in 1985 to $12.00 in 1994.   Since 1994 we have not doubled our dues and only increased them  by 67% during that 29 year period: $12 in 1992 to $20 in 2021.

         I’ll leave it the members to decide if an increase of dues in 2022 is warranted.

  • December 1982:  $3.00
  • January 1983:      $4.00
  • January 1984:      $5.00
  • November 1985:  $6.00
  • January 1990:      $8.00
  • January 1994:      $12.00
  • December 1997:  $14.00
  • July 2001:            $15.00
  • January 2006:      $17.00
  • January 2008:      $20.00
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