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The Dover Detail


The Dover Detail

Photo L-R: Jim Sisserson, Janeille Sisserson, Jerry Vaughan, Monica Strader, Vinnie Howard, Rosemarie Ziegler

IRCC Foundation Member Rosemarie “Ro” Ziegler was the driver behind IRCC’s efforts to collect for the Dover Detail. After seeing an article about the Dover Detail and doing some additional research, she brought the idea of supporting this effort to the IRCC Foundation. The IRCC Foundation Board quickly agreed to support this effort. IRCC Foundation Members made a concerted effort to make the community aware of this effort beginning on Feb 25 with the distribution of flyers to each residence in the community. IRCC Foundation members volunteered space in their homes to store items that were collected. Jerry Gill, IRCC Foundation President and MOAACC Quartermaster, extended the collection of the uniform items for the Dover Detail to MOAACC in a Thursday Morning Meeting and information was further sent out as part of MOAAC’s Five Things newsletter. The Dover Detail is also an effort that is supported by the Veterans’ Memorial Center and their collection of extra uniform items. MOAACC’s Good Deeds Foundation also supported the Dover Detail with a $1000 donation to Dover Detail to help then provide uniform dress/awards for Brevard county veterans who want to buried in uniform and are missing uniform items or need an entire uniform. This is often in response to a family request.

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