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Great Support to MOAACC!


Every TMBC and MOAACC Luncheon has IRCC employees helping us behind the scenes.  One of them that stands out is Edward Davis, a Navy veteran (USS Carl Vinson plankholder).  At the 19 May TMBC, Treasurer Mike Schroeder, on behalf of MOAACC, presents Edward with our special Challenge Coin in thanks for Edward’s hard work, commitment, and always positive attitude.  Along with the IRCC staff, we can always count on Edward for steadfast support in managing needed technology for TMBCs and his hard work ensuring the MOAACC luncheons are set up professionally, on time and looking great.  Edward is a true professional that continuously goes above and beyond to ensure the success of all MOAACC events at IRCC.  We thank Edward for his service both as a veteran and for his continued support to MOAACC.

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