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MOAACC Members Who Love to Clown Around


Jerry and Barb Gill (BOGO and Tinkerbell)

MOAACC members Jerry and Barb Gill aka, BOGO and Tinkerbell, love to “Clown Around”.  Barb was trained almost 30 years ago in the Indiana Smiles Unlimited Clown School.  Jerry only began clowning in 2017 with the IRCC Cart Barn Clown Troupe.  They are members of World Clown Association, Clowns of America International, Southeast Clown Association and the Mooseburger e-Ally.  They take their hijinks to local Health Care Facilities and entertain at events in their IRCC community.  Jerry is the MOAACC Quartermaster and a member of the Good Deeds Foundation Board of Directors and Barb is a MOAACC spouse member. BOGO and Tinkerbell love to entertain and bring smiles to people’s faces.  They traveled to Atlanta, GA April 26-31 to attend the Clowns of America International Conference with Clowns from around the world.  BOGO and Tinkerbell, together and individually, successfully competed in Group Skit and Paradeability Competitions.  They will be attending the Mooseburger Clown Arts Camp in Minnesota this July to receive training from former Ringling Brothers Professional Clowns and other renowned Entertainment Professionals; to learn new skills and enhance their current skills.  If you are curious enough to sample some of their silliness, check out You Tube, Jerry Gill, BnT.

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