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Advocating for All Veterans! Colonel Steve Bond, US Army-Retired


On April 26, 2023, I was privileged to participate as one of 170 MOAA staff and state representatives in MOAA’s signature legislative event, Advocacy in Action (AiA).  This year for the first time since 2019, MOAA engaged on Capitol Hill to meet, in-person, with all our 535 legislators or their staff members in Washington DC.  This event showcases that one of our primary purposes as MOAA members is to advocate for all veterans and that we serve to ensure the promises made to veterans are kept.  Leading one of Florida’s five teams along with teammate--RADM Rick Buchanan (USN-Ret) MOAA board member from the Tampa area--we represented the Chapter and the 35,000 other MOAA members living in Florida.  My team was assigned to meet with representatives from both our Senators, our local Congressman Posey (FL-8), and with legislative representatives from several other congressional districts as well.

Steve (Center R) and Rick Buchanan (Far R) meet with Stuart Burns (Center L), Congressman Posey’s (FL-8) Chief of Staff, and Legislative Assistant Annika Erickson (L) in their Capitol Hill to discuss protecting the All-Volunteer Force, Restoring BHA to 100%, and expanding the Tricare Pharmacy network.

Steve (R) and Cape Canaveral Chapter President Brian Whalen (L) met with Congressman Posey (FL-8) (Center) on May 2nd in his district office in Viera to discuss the AiA issues.

The day was long and tiring (I logged 15,000 steps!) for the meetings held in three of the congressional office buildings on Capitol Hill.  What I learned from this experience was:

  • With our earned veteran benefits under attack, MOAA is truly the last line of defense to halt the erosion of benefits. 
  • MOAA is widely respected on “The Hill” as an honest broker working in the interests of all Veterans.  From the reports I heard, all the teams received positive receptions.  The high regard for MOAA is a result of working in a nonpartisan fashion in the interest of veterans.  That is why it is critical that MOAA stay out of the unfortunate and destructive state of partisan politics consuming the nation.
  • MOAA was oft mentioned by the legislators and staff members for their leadership of The Military Coalition—the organization of 34 other Veterans Organizations that work together on legislative issues on behalf of veterans.  The passage of the PACT Act last summer is being viewed as a ‘watershed event,’ and cited as an example of what can be achieved when we work together and speak with one voice!
  • All 350,000 MOAA members need to participate in Advocacy in Action this year, and every year.  This is done by mailing in the cards provided in Military Officer Magazine and sending emails to our legislators from MOAA’s Legislative Advocacy page.  Did you make your voice heard?
  • If you haven’t done so, I implore you to TAKE ACTION in this important MOAA mission area.  To register and contact our elected representatives go to this link: .

It was exciting to be a part of the AiA efforts and see the firsthand results of our collective advocacy efforts.  I was proud to be a MOAA member, making a difference for all veterans and their families! 

Why do MOAA members Advocate?  Because we “Never Stop Serving”!

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