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Kathie Vogt turning 102!


Military Officers Association of America, Cape Canaveral Chapter (MOAACC) Member and former Indian River Colony Club (IRCC) resident, Kathie Vogt is turning 102 in April! 

We reconnected with Kathie back in November at a Veterans Day event sponsored by St. Francis Reflections in one of the local independent and assisted living facilities.  The guest speaker was MOAACC’s COL Steve Bond (USA, Ret).  After the ceremony, the chief nurse said that they had a resident who was married to a General Officer and she had not come to the ceremony, but asked if we would like to meet her.  Of course, we replied.  She took Steve and Chandler Langevin from St. Francis Reflection to meet Kathie.  They learned that Kathie’s husband was the storied Air Force General John Vogt, an “Ace” pilot in WWII, former Commander of U.S. Air Forces in both the Atlantic and Pacific Theaters, and instrumental working with Henry Kissinger to end the Vietnam War.  We later found out that both he and Kathie were life members of MOAA and the Cape Canaveral Chapter, but Gen Vogt had passed away in 2010, and Kathie moved away from IRCC.  After a nice chat with Kathie, Steve and Chandler said they would return, to which she said, “Next time, bring gin”! 

Since we missed her 100th birthday, Chapter Members returned to give Kathie a One Hundred Year Congratulations Certificate from MOAA, a birthday card, and the requested bottle of gin on January 29th.  With St. Francis Reflections providing the refreshments, members of MOAACC, St. Francis Reflection, her daughter, and friends wished Kathie a belated 100th Birthday--We are looking forward to her 102nd Birthday! 

At this gathering, we also found another of our chapter members.  One of Kathie’s friends residing in the facility was Pauline Kronebusch, wife of USAF Col Bob Kronebusch, our Chapter President in 2005.  Both Pauline and Kathie are avid INTERCOM readers, and we are proud to count them as our members!

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Photo Caption 1:  Kathie Vogt (center front) with friends, MOAACC and St. Francis Reflections members (second row) from left, CAPT Steve Cusick (USN-Ret) MOAACC 1st VP, Ellie Joy (SSM) Surviving Spouse LNO and Auxiliary Chair, Steve Bond MOAACC, Capt Rosa Reich (USAF-FMR) MOAACC 2nd VP, CPT Mike Broski (USA-FMR), MAJ Mike Kahanca (USA-Ret), Christine Normando and Chandler Langevin both St. Francis Reflections.  (Note Photo Releases on file with St. Francis Reflections).

John W. Vogt Jr. Facts for Kids

Photo Caption 2:  USAF Gen John Vogt (USAF Photo)



PHOTO CAPTION 3:  Steve Presents Kathie her birthday gift.



PHOTO CAPTION 4:  Ellie Joy (C) with Pauline Kronebusch (L) and Kathie Vogt (R).

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