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MOAACC Speakers--Speaking of National Security


MOAACC Speakers--Speaking of National Security
By Colonel Steve Bond (USA-Ret)

The MOAACC Speakers Bureau performs a valuable service in our community and often, well beyond.  Many of our speakers, now retired or in second careers, have served in positions requiring them to stay abreast of ongoing and potential national security issues both in and out of uniform.  They continue to offer their insights and assessments of current events and national security issues to educate others—often with first-hand, on the ground experience. 

Two of our speakers—LT Larry Sanford (USN, FMR) and CAPT Bill Toti (USN, Ret) recently discussed the Israel-Hamas conflict on The American Security Council Foundation (ASCF) Peace Through Strength Podcast.  Larry, in addition to being a former Navy Officer, also served in the Central Intelligence Agency.  He and ASCF co-host Joy Votrobek, interviewed Bill about the on-going conflict in Gaza, which included Bill’s personal account of his visit into the Hamas Tunnels in 2016.  To listen to the podcast, go to the ASCF YouTube Chanel link here:

Larry is the Senior Analyst for The American Security Council Foundation located in Sebastian, Fl, where he writes position papers and articles, as well as conducting podcasts on National Security issues.  Bill does his own podcasts on World War II history and is a frequent commentator for the NewsNation channel, where he has provided insights into the Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Hamas conflicts, among others.  His podcasts on the “Unauthorized History of the Pacific Theater of World War II” dives into the subject of the Pacific War by exploring lesser told stories of the largest battlefront in human history.  His podcasts are available on YouTube at

More information about our Speakers Bureau can be found on our webpage at

Joy Votrobek and Larry Sanford (at Left) interview CAPT Bill Toti (Right), on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

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