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Thanks to you MOAACC scholarship donors, our success story continues Our story so far has had 36 “chapters”, one for each Scholarship Awards Luncheon since 1984. In that beginning year, chapter members decided to use donated proceeds to award a MOAACC Scholarship - one scholarship for $1,000. From that modest beginning, your MOAACC members very gradually expanded the Scholarship Program to two $1,000 scholarships in 1985. By 1987, chapter 4, three $1,500 scholarships were awarded. Ten years later, Chapter 14 of our success story featured nine $2,000 scholarship awards. Finally, skipping al the way to Chapter 22 in the year 2005, the MOAACC Scholarship Program had reached 10 scholarships valued at $3,000 or $3,500 each year, including last year, 2019 which was Chapter 36.

Until now, beginning with our Chapter 36, our generous member donors have awarded a total of 263 scholarships. The total dollar value has reached $700,000! The heroes and heroines of this success story are the MOAACC members who, year after year, help the deserving descendants applicants to become our nation’s patriotic leadership. Your Scholarship Selection Committee will look at the Whole Person. This includes the applicant’s scholastic record, outstanding citizenship, moral character, attitude, leadership attributes, volunteerism and extracurricular activities.

This New Year, 2020 begins Chapter 37 of your MOAACC Scholarship “Story”. Our goal for this year is to collect enough donations to increase the award amount of the scholarships presented at our July Scholarship Awards luncheon to $5,000 per awardee and to recognize your donations to the Scholarship Fund. This is an exceptionally effective way to serve America by “PAYING IT FORWARD” and “PASSING THE TORCH” to deserving descendants. Eventually, as our success story continues, your Scholarship Corporation is working to attain a permanent fund of at least $1 million which would allow MOAACC to award ten scholarships each year in perpetuity.

Please consider a 2020 New Year’s resolution to participate in our annual fund drive, to make a larger donation to honor your family name, or perhaps in memory of someone special, or to make your LEGACY DONATION of $10,000 or more, which will ensure that you and your descendants will be remembered and honored this year and every year for generations. Help MOAACC to make 2020, Chapter 37, another historical “storied” year for your MOAACC Scholarship Program. To learn more, go to and click on Scholarships.

Submitted by Col D. Brent Baysinger, USAF Ret


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