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Veteran Memorial Center (VMC) Gradual Re-Opening Plan: Starts 1 June


Veteran Memorial Center members and friends;

We have received some direction from the County Parks and Rec that we can start reopening after the 18th of May. We are taking a phased approach to clean and prepare. We are planning on a Memorial Day Open House from 0900-1200 on the 25th to honor our fallen veterans and then open the Museum and Facility for DAV interviews (mostly encouraged to be done by phone) on the 1st of June. We do not plan on opening our library to the public until we work out more procedures to protect our staff and the public.

The Museum will be reopened on June 1 from 1000 - 1600 (10 AM - 4 PM) Mon thru Sat and 12 AM to 4 PM on Sun. We are urging social distancing and will have hand sanitizer available. All interactive displays will be off limits. We are asking our Docents to wear masks and all visitors to wear masks. We will also be installing "sneeze" guards at our store checkout location. We will be implementing procedures to wipe down surfaces touched by Docents and visitors on a regular basis.

Plans for opening our facility to rentals have not been implemented yet, but I expect to have a policy in place by June 1. Nick Sine and Bob Doyle have been working in the Grey Hall, resurfacing the floor, repairing and repainting walls, sound system and lighting system. It is an impressive improvement. Thanks to Ed Pingston and Ted Schmid for their help and to all involved in this project.

Look for more information and direction when the Courier is published this month. Thanks, Dean Schaaf

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