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Our Chapter Goes Dark


In 1960 things apparently were going well for the new “Retired Officers Club of Brevard County, Florida.”  The first “Bereavement  Committee” was formed (the predecessor of our Survivor Assistance Committee).  One of the committee’s goal was to prepare a “Service Widows Package” which would include a check list to help them.

Just as things were beginning to click for the Chapter the president and secretary were both transferred by RCA and resigned.  A new president and secretary took their place in June, 1960.  The Chapter apparently did not hold any events during the summer of 1960 and didn’t emerge again after this summer shutdown.

During the early part of 1967 BGEN Bill Matheny held a meeting in his home in Indialantic in an effort to reactivate the Chapter.  That meeting must have been successful as General Matheny sent a letter on 3 April 1967 to TROA stating that he was considering reactivating “Brevard County Officers Association.”  In a letter to TROA dated 14 August 1967 COL Howard Dellert, AUS, Secretary forwarded a list of officers and the Chapter was back up and running.

Once again we have a lapse in our records and have no record of events until 1974.  That year a telephone committee was formed.  The committee used a pyramid recall system with each member being responsible to notify 10 to 12 other members of upcoming Chapter events.  This system seems to have been very efficient and stayed in place until 1976.  That year the Chapter received their franking privileges and The Intercom was published.

A quick aside:  on 28 May 1960 a dinner dance was held by the Chapter at PAFB Officers Club.  The cost of your choice of filet mignon, prime rib or lobster cost $3.50 per person.  This price included a free cocktail party!!!

Next Month:  “The Roaring Seventies.”

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