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BCSO/VMC Second Annual Merritt Island Independence Day Parade


Starting the Bring Your Own Coffee & Donuts to Learn Programs




Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources and Updates


Orlando VA Healthcare System including Brevard County Clinics


Port Canaveral Releases Plan for May 27 Manned Launch Viewing


Memorial Day Tribute


Correction to The Intercom June 2020 Edition


CORRECTION: The June 2020 Intercom included a story about MOAACC’s Bob Clark’s early 101st Birthday Party celebrated by his neighbors on 01 May, along with Astronaut Winston Scott. The Town was actually Indialantic, not Satellite Beach. The story letter should have been attributed to our own Gloria Makowski. She reported without observing after she collected information from the planners and Bob’s neighbors, Audra Farley and Rosa Riordan. Finally John Farley is the family MOAACC member, not Audra, but we suspect he had a big hand in the planning. In the era of COVID 19, reporting on events not observed can be complicated. A big apology from YOUR Intercom Team.

Our Chapter Goes Dark


Veteran Memorial Center (VMC) Gradual Re-Opening Plan: Starts 1 June


2019 Boating Educator of the Year - MOAACC Member CWO4 Dan McIntyre


MOAACC’s Gone Virtual!


WINTER SOLDIERS CALL TO ACTION: MOAACC Joins in a COVID-19 Action Plan to Support First Responders


MOAACC has co-sponsored and is assisting to initiate a new program in Brevard county which crosses many veteran organizational lines. It is an effort which seeks to help the Brevard MEDICAL and First Responder Communities (MED/FR) during these challenging times. The initiative is called “Stand With The Winter Soldiers” (WS). We need your help.

Surviving Spouse Corner: 10 Helpful Resources for Surviving Spouses


Having a list of go-to resources is essential for peace of mind and coping with loss.

Army Echoes - The Official Newsletter for Retired Soldiers, Surviving Spouses & Families


March Newsletter for Retired Military & Annuitants (DFAS)


Financial Literacy: Investing for Our Future by CAPT Bob Houle, USCG, Retired


Financial Literacy: Investing for Our Future by CAPT Bob Houle, USCG, Retired


Last month we started our journey to financial security and independence by focusing on Savings and Debt Management. This month we’re going to build on this foundation by discussing how to start a successful investing program keyed to an Investing for Our Future theme. Everything comes together for us during National Financial Literacy Month in April 2020 -- if you take action now.

MOAA's 2020 Transition Guide: A Clear Path Forward With MOAA


MOAA can help turn your vision into reality through career transition assistance.

How Your Voice Can Help MOAA’s Advocacy Mission


Make an impact on legislative issues by calling, emailing, using social media, or showing up in person.

MOAACC Membership


The new decade of 2020 has arrived! In the last century they had the Roaring ‘20s. We on the Space Coast will have our own Roaring ‘20s as American rockets begin sending astronauts to the ISS and return man (and woman) to the moon. At the same time, and closer to home, we need to assure that this chapter is still vibrant and thriving. The only way to ensure this happens is to maintain and grow our membership. As the incoming Chairman for Membership, I want to challenge all our members to bring in one new member this year. It’s an “All Hands on Deck” effort. At the recently held Florida Council of Chapters Leadership Seminar it was stress over and over the importance of increasing membership. The larger we are enhances our ability to impact legislatively locally and nationally, provide support to local veterans and active duty personnel, and support to our charitable organizations. The last membership report showed us with a total of 1388 members, which was less than the previous year. This year our goal is to increase our chapter membership to more than 1400. So, two objectives need to be met. 1) Current members renew your membership if you haven’t already done so and 2) get a new member. I would bet that each member knows at least one other officer who qualifies for chapter membership, so ask them. If you are enjoying your membership, why would you not invite them?

MOAACC Survivor Assistance Lessons Learned


Even though the repeal of the so called “Widows Tax” has been signed into law, it’s taking a while to find out some important details of how and when it will be implemented. I did some research on the DFAS website at: , and found what I hope will be some useful information.



Financial Literacy: Financially Secure, Mission Ready - Submitted by CAPT Bob Houle, USCG, Retired


DFAS Retiree Newsletter December 2019


The December 2019 Retiree Newsletter is now available online. It contains helpful information about convenient options for getting your tax documents, tools to make filling out required forms faster and easier, the SBP-DIC Offset Phased Elimination, what to expect in the year-end mailing, 2020 COLA, Annuitant CEI change, and who to contact for pay and benefit questions, as well as news about TRICARE, Army Emergency Relief and the Armed Forces Retirement Homes. We also have a downloadable PDF version of the newsletter you can share with friends.

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