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Watch: MOAA’s 2020 Year in Review


Financial Literacy: Rule #1 - Don’t Lose Money


The Latest on the SBP-DIC Offset Elimination


Florida Amendment 6 Passes with Overwhelming Majority


MOAA 2020 Annual Meeting of the Membership (Full Recording)


Meet MOAA’s 2020 Surviving Spouse Liaison Award Winner (Mary Dunagan from MOAACC)


COVID-19 Facility Closures - PAFB


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources and Updates


MOAACC Designated 5-Star Level of Excellence by MOAA for 2020


Financial Literacy: Military Support Programs-Part 2


Congratulations to 2020 MOAACC Scholarship Winners


Good Deeds Foundation Provides Record Grants to All Brevard JROTC Units in Time of Need


MOAACC presents Florida Tech with $1000 for Obstacle Course Maintenance


Financial Literacy: Military Support Programs-Part 1


Financial Literacy: SECURE Act Affects Estate Planning


COMMON GROUND: The Intertwined History of IRCC and MOAACC


D-Day Plus 76 Years: Check Out These 6 Ways to Commemorate WWII History Online


Orlando VA Healthcare System including Brevard County Clinics


Our Chapter Goes Dark


Veteran Memorial Center (VMC) Gradual Re-Opening Plan: Starts 1 June


2019 Boating Educator of the Year - MOAACC Member CWO4 Dan McIntyre


MOAACC’s Gone Virtual!


Surviving Spouse Corner: 10 Helpful Resources for Surviving Spouses


Having a list of go-to resources is essential for peace of mind and coping with loss.

How Your Voice Can Help MOAA’s Advocacy Mission


Make an impact on legislative issues by calling, emailing, using social media, or showing up in person.

MOAACC Membership


The new decade of 2020 has arrived! In the last century they had the Roaring ‘20s. We on the Space Coast will have our own Roaring ‘20s as American rockets begin sending astronauts to the ISS and return man (and woman) to the moon. At the same time, and closer to home, we need to assure that this chapter is still vibrant and thriving. The only way to ensure this happens is to maintain and grow our membership. As the incoming Chairman for Membership, I want to challenge all our members to bring in one new member this year. It’s an “All Hands on Deck” effort. At the recently held Florida Council of Chapters Leadership Seminar it was stress over and over the importance of increasing membership. The larger we are enhances our ability to impact legislatively locally and nationally, provide support to local veterans and active duty personnel, and support to our charitable organizations. The last membership report showed us with a total of 1388 members, which was less than the previous year. This year our goal is to increase our chapter membership to more than 1400. So, two objectives need to be met. 1) Current members renew your membership if you haven’t already done so and 2) get a new member. I would bet that each member knows at least one other officer who qualifies for chapter membership, so ask them. If you are enjoying your membership, why would you not invite them?

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